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Why did Milleatery want a website?


Sid and Nupur founded Milleatery to bring wholesome, healthy food to everyone. They wanted a professional, upmarket website to reach a digitally savvy audience.


How did the project take shape?


A happy client directed Nupur to us. She was very excited about the project and wanted to start immediately.

During the kick-off conversation, she was concerned that while she had a logo, she hadn’t developed any content or images. We reassured her this is normal for a new venture and sent her our Content Gathering Survey to help structure her thoughts.


Requirements. Nupur’s survey responses told us her business aspirations and website objectives. We laid out the project roadmap that established clear expectations and timelines.


Firming up. Our first step was to build a wireframe. We used Google Sheets to help Nupur visualise the structure of the website and its pages. Looking at the wireframe, she was able to identify missing pieces of content.

Development. With the wireframe in place, our development team started on the build. Using placeholders for missing content and images, we presented the first draft website to Nupur and Sid within a week. It only took a few iterations and we were ready to launch!

So, how did it go?

The whole experience was stress-free for Nupur, Sid and for us!

We had no anxiety about the outcome, because all our communications were open, complete and transparent throughout.

We took care of all the technicalities so Nupur could focus on her Milleatery customers.

Sid and Nupur know that they can count on us for continued support and content updates throughout their contract period.

Nupur and Sid have taken the first step on their digital journey with

We at iNSTA are fully committed to supporting them as they expand their business online.


It’s been beyond great and more. We developed our website in less than 2 weeks!!

That was surely what I dint expect! The user feedback has been awesome!

Nupur Bolangady

Co-founder & Master Chef, Milleatery

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Builders Note;


Most entrepreneurs don't get to building their websites as they are overwhelmed with the work involved.


– At iNSTA, we remove the complexity out of website building.

Jayan Varghese

Chief Instigator, iNSTA Web

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