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Over 551 million small and medium businesses worldwide aren’t yet online. 250 million of these are in India.


become an iNSTA

digital partner

and get upto 30% commissions on iNSTA Deals


What’s the difference between a partner and someone who passes on a lead?

Nearly all our clients come to us through referrals. A partner is someone who QUALIFIES the lead for us by filling out the Website Requirement Form.

How do I become a partner?

Becoming an iNSTA Web Digital Partner is easy!
We don’t have partner onboarding fees, franchisee fees or sales targets.

Step 1 - Set up an Online Meeting with the iNSTA Partner Onboarding Team

Step 2 - Sign the Online Partnership Contract

Step 3 - Attend a 1-hour Online Partner Training

Step 4 - Collect the Online Partner Welcome Kit

How much can I earn in commissions for a project?

Our Partner Commission Plan is simple.


  • Projects 1 through 5 – 10% of the project value

  • Projects 6 through 20 – 20% of the project value

  • Upwards of 20 projects – 30% of the project value + 10% on all renewals

Our partners take about 6 months on average to reach the 30% commission slab.

Who can be an iNSTA Web Digital Partner?


If you have a good network and can get us great clients, come on in!

You don’t need any special educational qualifications or special skills, but it definitely helps if you understand website-related jargon and are a good communicator.

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