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Why should I choose iNSTA to build my website?

iNSTA is a one-stop solution for your Internet needs.


  • We take care of all the technical infrastructure: domain, hosting and SSL.

  • We design your website to be as unique as you. We take the time to understand your business and create wireframes that bring your website to life.

  • We keep your website fresh and running smoothly with ongoing maintenance and content management.


All this at a price that doesn’t pinch your pocket!

Our project managers keep your project on track and delivered on time.

How do you keep your prices low without compromising on quality?

It’s simple – big agencies, big overheads!

At iNSTA, we run a tight ship. Our portfolio and testimonials demonstrate our commitment to the best quality. See for yourself!

Why should I renew my plan?

To keep your website healthy, vibrant and bringing in clients, it needs care and feeding long-term.

Your plan is valid for 12 months and you can renew it once a year at a very affordable price.

Renew your Business Starter Plan for another year at Rs. 3,499 including GST.

The renewal subscription includes hosting, SSL certificates, ongoing maintenance and content management. Renewing your domain will be charged separately starting in Year 2.


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