More FAQs

How does iNSTA help Small businesses  reach more customers?

Insta Websites are marketing ready

  • On-page SEO. We optimise your website for online searches
  • Google My Business (GMB). We help you set up GMB for your business
  • Google Maps. We ensure that your storefront is mapped correctly
  • Promo Display. We display the latest promotions and special offers right on your homepage
  • Inquiry Forms. We make it easy for your customers to contact you

How does iNSTA ensure that Small businesses get a hassle-free experience with a reliable vendor?

Insta Websites get lifelong support

  • Ongoing Maintenance. We take care of all technical updates and bug fixes
  • Renewal Management. We make sure your digital assets are renewed on time
  • Content Management. We keep your website updated with the latest news and information
  • WhatsApp Integration. We integrate your WhatsApp Business account with your website so you can connect with your customers in real time
  • Chat Integration. Engage with website visitors in real time using our live chat feature

Small businesses want a professional, credible online presence. Can iNSTA provide that?

Insta Websites are custom-designed

  • Brand-built. We build you a website as unique as your business
  • Testimonials. We display text and video testimonials from your happy customers prominently on your website
  • Rapid Page Load. We build you a super-quick, smooth response website
  • Gallery. We set up beautiful portfolio galleries to showcase your work
  • Business E-mail.* We set up business e-mail addresses for your company
  • Digital Cards.* Business cards are out, digital business cards are in!
  • Content Writing.* We develop exciting, fresh, high-quality content for your business
  • Downloadable Catalogues & Brochures.** Customers can download your catalogues and brochures directly from your website
* Additional charges will apply ** Catalouges and Brochures will have to be supplied by the client.

How does iNSTA ensure Small businesses get full value for the money they invest on their websites?

Insta Websites are attractively priced with a range of services included

  • Free Domain and Ownership. We buy your web domain and give you ownership
  • Free SSL Certificate. We enhance your website’s security with an SSL certificate
  • Free Hosting. We take care of your hosting needs
  • Affordable Price. We watch every penny to keep our pricing as low as it can get. We really want to see your business online

How does iNSTA ensure that Small businesses get an active, engaging and consistent online presence?

Insta Websites make it easy for you to grow online

  • Social Media Integration. We integrate your Facebook Business and Instagram accounts
  • We build a blog page where you can educate your audience about your products and services
  • We make sure that Google reviews of your business are acknowledged and displayed on your website

How does iNSTA ensure that Small businesses get tangible results that they can track and measure?

Insta Websites let you measure your ROI

  • We send you regular reports on how your website is performing
  • Google Analytics integration. We keep you updated on your Web traffic numbers
  • GMB Statistics. We share your GMB statistics with you and help you make sense of them

Are there any additional expenses?

Your payment includes Domain registration (optional), hosting, SSL Certificate and 1 Year Free Website Manitenance and Content Management. Renew your website every year at Rs 3999.00 for Business Essential Plan and Rs 3499.00 for Starter Plan. Above pricing is excluding GST.

Can the iNSTA Website be transferred or converted to a WordPress Website?

iNSTA Websites are non transferrable. In the event the customer does not renew the website in Year 2, the website becomes non active. iNSTA Websites cannot be converted to WordPress sites. However, iNSTA customers get a flat 30% discount on the estimate, if they want to create a WordPress website.

What type of domains do you buy?

We only buy .com domains that are priced less than Rs 999 ($13). Any other extension or price difference will have to be borne by the customer. Domain will be renewed annually by the iNSTA team on behalf of the client. Domain renewal charges are outside the annual website renewal fee. Ownership of domain will be transferred to client on request. If the client has already purchased a domain, the iNSTA team will connect the website to this domain. However, there will not be any adjustment in the price towards the domain as its a bundled offer and we are unable to exclude the domain price from the package.

Where do you host the websites?

iNSTA websites are hosted for free on our infrastructure. These websites are non transferrable. If the client decides to end the contract, the website will automatically expire within 7 days of receiving the request for contract termination. If the client does not pay the renewal fee withing the 15 days of receiving the renewal reminder, the website will automatically expire. Expired websites cannot be revived even if subsequent payment is made.

Do you provide free SSL Certificates?

SSL Certificate is provided for free for all iNSTA websites and will be automatically renewed upon payment of the renewal fee.

Do you provide images for the website?

We will use free stock imagery or watermarked imagery during the build of the site. These will be replaced with original images provided by the client. If the client wants to purchase any of the commercial watermarked images it will be billed additionally at cost.

Do you provide free content for the website?

We use content provided by the client. If the content is not available at the time of build, we will use place holder dummy content that can be replaced whenever the original content is made available. If required, the client can engage the services of a content writer recommended by iNSTA. This will at an additional cost. The iNSTA Team will coordinate with the Content Writer to complete the website.

Do you provide Website technical maintenance

The iNSTA team will take care of website speed, backups and upgrades. We will also restore the website within 24 hours in case of a downtime during the website contract period.

Website Content and Image update

The iNSTA team will update all content supplied by the client within 24 hours of content acknowledgement. Content requests to be sent to

New pages and functionality

iNSTA Websites are informational websites. Having said that, the team will make every effort to accommodate functionality requirements and new page requirements. This will be billed at an hourly rate. Our Hourly billing rares are Rs 800 ($11) per hour.

Why should I look at iNSTA for my Website Development requirement?

iNSTA is a one stop solution to Website building;


  • We take care of the infrastructure required. Domain, Hosting & SSL

  • We take care of Website Design. Every website is unique and we start by understanding your unique requirements and building wireframes.

  • We help you with ongoing website maintenance and content management.


All this at a price that does not pinch your pocket.


Our Project Managers ensure that your Project is on schedule and delivered as committed.

How do you keep your pricing low without compromising on quality?

Big agencies have Big overheads, these costs are usually passed on to the client.


At iNSTA Web, we manage a very tight ship.


Please go through our portfolio and testimonials and you will be assured that there is no compromise on quality.

Why should I renew the website?

Renewal fee is charged annually, it kicks in at the end of 12 months of your website going live.

  • Renewal Fee for Business Starter - Rs 3499.00 (including GST)

  • Renewal Fee for Business Essential - Rs 3999.00 (including GST)

Renewal Fee includes, Hosting, SSL Certificate and free ongoing Website maintenance but however, does not include the Domain renewal Fee, which will be extra from Year 2.