Milleatery – The Website Story

Why did Milleatery want a website?


Like all modern businesses, Milleatery too wanted a web presence.


Sid and Nupur (The Founders) were trying to reach out to a digitally savvy audience and it was therefore important they looked professional and upmarket in their presentation.


How did the project take shape?


When Nupur approached us through a existing client referral, she was very excited about the project and wanted to start immediately.


During our project kick off conversation, we gathered that she had a logo but she had no content or images. 

We reassured her that this was quite normal for a new venture and requested her to fill out the Content Gathering Survey  to help her structure her thoughts.


Requirements Stage:

The results from the survey helped us understand her business aspirations and website objectives.


We then laid out the road map with project timelines that set clear expectations for the project.


Firming Up:

The first step was to build a wireframe of her website. We used Google Spreadsheets in order to help Nupur visualize the structure of her website and each of the pages.

The wireframe also helped her identify the missing pieces of content.


With the site structure (wireframe) in place, the website development team went on the build the site.


By using placeholders  for missing content and images the development activity proceeded without a hitch and the first draft of the website was made available to Sid and Nupur in less than a week.

With most of the website in place, it was now easy for Nupur to produce the missing content and images.


After a few iterations, the website was ready and we went live.

What did we achieve?

The entire project was a stress free experience for Nupur and us.


There was no anxiety about the final outcome, as the website process was fully transparent and we kept the communications channels open all through the project.


By taking care of all the technicalities associated with such a project, we let Nupur focus on her business objectives.


We also reassured the client that this was only the begining and she could count on us for continued content updates and support all through the contract period.

The journey for Sid and Nupur has just begun. Building a website was their first step towards starting their digital journey.

iNSTA Web is committed to support them on their journey.

It’s been beyond great and more. We developed our website in less than 2 weeks!!

That was surely what I dint expect! The user feedback has been awesome! I

Nupur Bolangady

Co-founder & Master Chef, Milleatery

Builders Note;


Most entrepreneurs don't get to building their websites as they are overwhelmed with the work involved.


– At iNSTA, we remove the complexity out of website building.


Founder - iNSTA Web Solutions